Grade 6

Course Outline

Core Courses English 6

The focus of the instructional program is on building solid literacy skills and easing the transition from elementary school. Using many different types of texts as a foundation, higher-level thinking skills (such as inference and authorial intent) are developed through a variety of responses. At least one unit will be devoted to texts that the students will choose from a list created by our teachers. Outside reading assignments, authentic assessments and oral presentations further enhance reading, writing, and speaking skills- building upon students’ elementary school literacy education. Additional units of study may include poetry, interdisciplinary mythology, and short stories. To develop their writing skills, students will be guided through the process of writing essays. The contextual study of vocabulary is also part of each unit, and grammar study solidifies students’ understanding of their language and their ability to use it for greatest effect. The class will culminate for all students with the NYS Grade 6 English Language Arts exam, which is based on the Common Core Learning Standards. Students who need additional support in English Language Arts will also be assigned to Literacy Lab 6.

Mathematics 6

This course is designed to address the seven standards found in the New York State K-6 curriculum and select 7th grade topics such as algebra and geometry. Students who successfully complete this course will advance to Pre-Algebra in grade seven and Algebra 1 in grade eight. The curriculum in this course will include mathematical reasoning, numbers and numeration, operations, model/multiple representation, measurement, uncertainty, and patterns/functions. The basic principles of mathematics and the development of problem-solving techniques will be discussed in each unit of study. Students who need additional support in mathematics will also be assigned to a math lab on alternate days.

Science 6

Sixth grade science focuses on life science. Students will be engaged in a variety of exciting hands-on activities in a fully equipped laboratory facility. The areas of study include classification, microbes, plants, animals, human systems, and ecosystems. The interdependence of living organisms is emphasized throughout the course. Students will learn to utilize scientific lab techniques, write lab reports, practice proper safety skills, and build on their knowledge of the Scientific Method. Science 6 is part of the multi-year science sequence that prepares students for the Science 8 Assessment. Science 6→ Science 7 → Science 8 or Science 6→ Science 7 → Earth Science Honors.

Social Studies 6

The social studies curriculum for grade 6 focuses on the development of democracy and the rule of law. The topics include the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, and French Revolution. Throughout the course map skills, research skills and the writing process will be used to enhance instruction. Students will have an opportunity to draw connections between current events and each historical time period. 9 World Languages Course.